Terms and conditions for renting a vehicle

Vehicles can be rented out to people older than 23 who have a driving license for at least 2 years.

Rented vehicle must not be used:

- under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers, narcotics, sleeping agents or other drugs;
- for unlawful purposes (eg criminal offenses, customs and foreign exchange violations ...); - for paid transport of passengers or goods; - for any competition, speed tests or races; - for the propulsion or traction of other vehicles, trailers or any objects; - when it is not in running condition; - for training drivers.

Service user is required:

- the leased knot does not burden people or objects over the permissible weight; - that the rented vehicle does not exceed the border of Serbia without permission of Atos rent a car; - to bear the costs of consumed fuel; - for the extension of the contracted period of use of the vehicle, requires the consent of the Atos rent a car 48 hours before the expiration of the vehicle's return; - immediately suspend the drive if the Atos rent a car is broken as soon as possible through the use of the mileage counter and the fault of the counter;
- if, on returning the vehicle, a mileage counter is found to be damaged, Atos rent a car the cost of 500 kilometers for each day of use of the vehicle; - that the vehicle is properly maintained and maintained during use; - to return the rented vehicle within the agreed time limit or earlier at the request of the Atos rent a car; - to use the vehicle only for its own needs and not to lease it or lend it to a third person; - to pay all the amounts of fines imposed against him for the use of the vehicle, caused by his personal guilt (violation of traffic regulations);
- to protect the interests of Atos rent a car and its insurance company in the event of an accident by:
- which will record the names and addresses of participants and witnesses of the accident; - that he will not leave the damaged vehicle until he has removed him from the accident site and secured it; - what about the damage, even when it is insignificant, immediately inform the Atos rent a car; - in the event of a major damage to the vehicle or if there are injuries to injured persons (even when there is obvious guilt of other persons), immediately summon and wait for the arrival of the traffic police for the official survey; - to submit a written report on the incident to BEL rent a car.